Esther, truth-telling, and #MeToo

Queen EstherHear Gini and Becky struggle with the always relevant – but particularly poignant in this time of the Kavanaugh hearings and the #MeToo movement – issue of women being objectified, dismissed, and disrespected by powerful men. We spend much of the time telling and digging into the powerful story of Queen Esther, touching on issues of gender identity, using whatever power you have, and how God is always present and at work behind the scenes of our lives, working with us to bring about justice and goodness.

We use a wee bit of “salty” language, and speak pretty openly about sex (though not too much), so this episode is probably a PG-13. Perfect for your earbuds, grocery shopping, or a jog around the neighborhood! And listen all the way to the end – we have some super funny outtakes this week!

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