Episode 56: “I thought YOU ordered the wine!”


Join us for Episode 56: “I thought YOU ordered the wine!” as Gini and Tim explore the story of Jesus’ first miracle – turning water into wine. But first, hear us struggle with some old, sexist metaphors in Isaiah (or “Eye-Zigh-Uh” as Tim likes to say it sometimes), but find something beautiful in the passage anyway. And then we turn our attention to one of Jesus’ most famous miracles, where Jesus saves the party – and the reputation of the host family – after the wine runs out at a wedding in Cana. He only does it after his mom basically pushes him into helping. And we hear about party culture in Jesus’ day. It’s such a great story –  have a listen!

And here is the link to the hilarious Rowan Atkinson version of the story! Do yourself a favor and have a listen!

As always, the readings may be found at lectionarypage.net !

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