Episode 58: Fishing for People?

76000475Join Tim and Gini for Episode 58 of the Irreverends, in which we discuss Paul’s first letter to Las Vegas Corinth, marking the first time on the Podcast when Gini and Tim have talked about anything other than one of the Gospels or Isaiah readings from the Old Testament. The depth and richness of our discussion on Paul’s letters will amaze you interest you for a moment.

And then, hear about the super odd call of Jesus to some fishermen: “Come with me and I will make you fishers of people!” Hear us unpack that a bit, and see what it might mean for us in our time! It’s good stuff!

Program note and legal disclaimer: unlike the last fish-on-the-beach story, we are NOT advocating making tacos out of this catch!

As always, the readings may be found at lectionarypage.net.

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