Lion King Episode (#59 if you’re counting)

Lion King EpisodeIt’s the Lion King episode of the Irreverends! Join Gini and guest co-host Kat Skiles – St. John’s parishioner, LGBTQ activist, self-described “older” Millennial, and actual Lion King scholar!(She would disagree, but seriously, she wrote a paper in college comparing the theologies of Saints Augustine and Aquinas using The Lion King as her interpretive vehicle. I know you’ll agree that this is some serious Lion King Sunday expertise.)  There is SO much great theology in the Lion King, that we couldn’t do it all. But we hit lots of the high points, many of which happen to be memorialized in song: The Circle of Life, He Lives in You, and Hakuna Matata. And before you start the decades old internal dialog that Hakuna Matata is just a superficial buddy song, have a listen to Gini and Kat. You might just change your mind!

We think this episode will be sure to spark joy in your life, so have a listen! And enjoy!

And speaking of “have a listen,” when was the last time you listened to this? It really IS just as good as you remember!

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