Episode 65: Palm Sunday’s Whiplash of Emotions

Dumbledore's Army

Join us for this Palm Sunday edition of the Irreverends. Last year’s Palm Sunday episode (#18 The Kingly Rodeo Ride of Jesus) focused on the first story of the Palm Sunday service – Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. This year we focus on the second story – the Passion – where the same people cheering Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem are shouting “Crucify him!” by the end. It’s a whiplash of emotions, but we promise there is (really) Good News here!

This Episode opens with Gini’s apology for having her microphone turned the wrong way last week (Father forgive her, for she knows not what she does...”). And Tim brings us up to speed on the latest scholarship as we dive into one of the most complicated Sundays of the church year. These are stories of faithfulness and compassion. And if we could learn to live this way, we could change the world. We’re not kidding.

As always, the readings may be found at lectionarypage.net.

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