Episode 66: Maundy Thursday – explained

How to Gird Up Your Loins (First, set down your sword.)

Episode 66: Maundy Thursday – explained. Well, attempted at least. We dig in to the Passover story, pondering why – other than general deliciousness – the lamb was to be roasted and not boiled. And we get insight into why Passover was such a dangerous time in the eyes of the Roman governor. Moving from the original Passover, we travel thousands of years ahead to Jesus and his friends, gathered around a table, when Jesus begins to wash their feet. It was awkward then, it’s awkward now. But Gini and Tim encourage everyone to experience this moving, intimate experience from both sides of the basin. It was the tangible way Jesus chose to illustrate his last commandment – to love one another as He had loved them.

As a Holy Week Bonus, we bring you help with that most practical skill – girding up your loins. Gini found these helpful illustrations so that whatever you’re doing, however you’re dressed, you can be ready in SECONDS to fight off invaders, to defend someone’s honor, or flee Egypt with the neighbor’s gold. Say “Come at me Bro!” with confidence, even in  your finest evening gown!

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