S2Ep2: Asp Holes Are Still Dangerous

i.chzbgrJoin Gini and Tim for this thrilling new episode – Asp Holes are Still Dangerous. (And to help you remember how dangerous asps are, behold this helpful warning sign.) We explore the texts for the Second Sunday of Advent, starting of course with Isaiah, and moving on to snakes, Tim’s amazing movie trailer voice, and “the ineffable Tetragrammaton.” This episode is full of all kinds of danger – snakes, fire, and wild animals! But Advent reminds us not to be afraid – that God is at work in the dark, bringing about new life and healing and peace even when – and where – we are afraid.

Wondering what in the world Tim meant by “the ineffable Tetragrammaton”? Dictionary.com has a great definition for ineffable. (I think both meanings probably apply here.) Tetragrammaton is a word meaning four letters, referring to the four Hebrew letters for the proper name of God. Here is an interesting little video about the Tetragrammaton. (But do yourself a favor and turn down your volume; the background music is annoying!)

As always, the readings may be found at lectionarypage.net

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