This might sting a little… S2E7

REFINING-FIREJoin Gini and her guest host Emily Collette (who, in the interests of full disclosure – as she’ll insist – won’t be an actual reverend for another 3 months, when she graduates from Virginia Theological Seminary and is ordained in Alabama.) Tim was away on a clergy retreat and missed one of the Church’s great feast days – The Presentation of Our Lord. (He also missed the opportunity to talk about refiner’s fire and fuller’s soap, so we found this handy picture of a cup chock full ‘o refiner’s fire to warm up a cold winter’s night!) Gini and Emily dig in to the Jewish history and tradition behind the Presentation, and Emily helps us see some really beautiful things about Luke’s Gospel and how God is always there as our greatest consolation. Join us – and stay for the outtakes!

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