Let’s Get Salty! S2E8

22bIt’s the Irreverends “Let’s Get Salty!” episode wherein Tim and Gini talk about salt and explore that “You are the salt of the earth” excerpt from the Gospel of Matthew, and then everyone ends up thirsty. But first, we take a look at the reading from (Trito!) Isaiah, and hear a punishing indictment of religiosity that has lost its soul. Which kind of stings, not unlike salt in a wound. And not unlike this meme, which perfectly captures the idea in Isaiah, but using the metaphor in the Gospel. And an annoyed Jesus face. My work here is done.

(Note that I only found this perfect meme. It was apparently created by the @litcatholicmemes folks, whom I applaud for their snarky brilliance.)

As always, the readings may be found at lectionarypage.net

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