Plucking eyeballs like a banjo – S2E9

Plucking eyeballs like a banjoThis week the Irreverends is guest co-hosted by the (lovely) Rev. Tanya Watt, wife of Tim Watt (who, as the record will now reflect, did not purchase Tanya from her father as he would have back in Jesus’ day).

And so, without us even having planned this romantic co-hosting team ahead of time, our Valentine’s Day episode of the Podcast opens with Tim getting an overall 98% approval rating from Tanya,  and then the two of them stare meaningfully into each other’s eyes, which Tanya observes (pardon the pun), doesn’t convey well through audio. But it’s not all gushy and romantic, because before long they are talking about people getting (or not getting) whacked Godfather style, and then they move right on to the Gospel’s gory plucking out of eyeballs imagery. Given the gory legends of the real St. Valentine, the eyeball-plucking is probably pretty appropriate.

And PS I promise it was only a cruel coincidence that two married priests ended up recording a podcast with readings about adultery and marriage…

And if you, like me, now are yearning to hear this song, click here to hear Burning Down the House, by Talking Heads.

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