S2E10 -And so Lent Begins

Avocado memeJoin Gini and Tim as they begin this episode, and Lent with food. What starts as Gini’s observation about the Filet ‘o Fish sandwich (and how fish and cheese don’t really go together) rapidly progresses to Tim’s wondering if the fruit of The Tree in the Garden of Good and Evil (which you know is not an apple, right?) might have been an avocado. Naturally, Gini and Tim have VERY different ideas about whether an avocado would have been worth all the trouble that ensued. We agree to disagree about avocados, but have a great discussion about what happened in the Garden of Eden and how it follows us around today. The Gospel story of Jesus being led into the Wilderness and being tempted there is SUCH a great story, and it is hardly a stretch at all to see how we all find ourselves in the wilderness being tempted as well. But we also get waited on by angels. This episode packs a LOT in to one tasty package!  Have a listen!

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