Seeing with our hearts – S2E13

717CB227-C274-4409-BD52-E164927A06DBJoin the Irreverends for this time-traveling episode, which we recorded before most of the US was in self-isolation. (It’s been a long week; I can’t remember the right term here. It’s not quarantine… ) We also time travel back to when Gini’s boys were little cub scouts, when Jesus healed a blind man and provoked the ire of others, and when Samuel the prophet was picking a new king. So. Much. Happens. in this episode. We think you’ll like it!

And this would be a great time to share this podcast with a friend. Finding ways to feed ourselves spiritually is more important now than ever. And one good thing about a good, old-fashioned podcast is that it’s not one of those Zoom meetings, where people forget to mute, or forget they are on video. The content matches the delivery technology!

And thanks to the Bishop of the Diocese of Texas who posted that amazing “it-captures-everything-in-one-delightfully-irreverent-image” meme. It needs to be on every church website!

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