These Bones are Made for Walkin’

Bones Made for Walkin'Join Tim and Gini for an episode that includes two of the most AMAZING stories in the Bible – the Valley of Dry Bones, and the story of Lazarus coming back to life after FOUR DAYS in the tomb! (He comes out all wrapped up like a mummy, but that’s another song pun – see below.) These are powerful stories of how even when things seem as dead and dry and bleak as they could be, God’s imagination for good is far, far greater than our’s. God can turn even death into life. This is a message as important now as ever. And we hope you enjoy it!

This episode had two obvious song puns that we mulled over, finally choosing this one:

These Bones are Made for Walking… Click here for the original Nancy Sinatra classic.


Mummy, Did You Know? Click here for the Kenny Rogers – Wynonna Judd version of this “new” Christmas classic.

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