Good Friday Feels Too Real Right Now

12DAC8D3-71C1-472C-B15D-4B48C2D47301_4_5005_cJoin Gini and Tim for the 2020 Good Friday episode of the Irreverends. Given the seriousness of our times, this year the Good Friday story feels more real and relevant than ever. The disciples couldn’t hear the news Jesus was giving them about his coming death any more than we heard and accepted the news about the dangers of the Coronavirus. We see our own instincts for self-protection in the disciples’ scattering  after Jesus’ arrest. And as in the days of Jesus, we live in a time where there is a dangerous melding of political power with religious fervor. We talk a good bit about the power of fear, which is pretty palpable right now. This story has never felt more relevant in my 56 years. (Well, admittedly, I wasn’t studying this story and its connections to the socio-political realities present in the mid 1960’s when I was born!) We think it’s worth a listen. We need to learn to deal with our fears with compassion and acceptance, rather than with violence or abandonment. This story – if we let it work on us – can help us learn.

We’ll be taking Easter Day off, but we’ll have another episode fresh from the oven ready for you next week!

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