Cloaks and daggers … er, stones – S2E18

4EBC81FE-09EC-43D9-943D-41BD88ECFBE6_4_5005_cTim and Gini really jump right in to this week’s episode in which we hear the story of the first martyr, Stephen. (Tim calls him the “proto-martyr,” but seriously, who else does that?) And lest you think that the story of Stephen’s death is just another example of a bunch of old dead people in the Bible killing each other (and we know, there are plenty of those), it turns out that this story has SO much to do with us today. Not that we’d stone people, but, well, you’ll have to listen.

And then when we get to the Gospel, Tim wins a prize by guessing the two things about the passage that drive Gini absolutely CRAZY. Hear us debunk  this text as justification for Christian exclusivism (the idea that only Christians can be “saved”)! And then we even talk a bit about our struggles with unanswered prayers, given Jesus’ words at the end of today’s Gospel. We’ve packed a lot into such a tiny little package. We hope you like it!

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