Ascension, Corona-Tide Edition – S3E20

Meme option 4Join us for this Ascension Day, CoronaTide edition of the Irreverends, where we talk about the one church feast day that is what it sounds like! It’s the day Jesus ascends into heaven. But even that simple idea leads Gini and Tim to explore the nature of heaven, our dangerous cultural ideas about heaven being “up there,” and what any of this means to us here and now. (Spoiler alert: it means a lot.)

This week’s meme was a real nail-biter. The one we chose, at left, is an actual picture of the window in the children’s chapel that Tim mentions in the episode. What he didn’t mention, that I found completely HILARIOUS is that someone put the Emergency Exit sign right under it. The alternate, imagined and put together at my house, had a higher snark factor, but wasn’t quite as perfect. So we’ve included it here in the show notes so you can see how current we are here in the Gerbasi Household (and also how accurately it depicts Gini’s desire for Jesus not to leave us…)

Ascention meme optionIt’s a good episode – with some really great ideas for what this means for us now, and how we can live this out right now, on this 11th Sunday of Corona-Tide. We hope you enjoy it!

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