The disciples were lit, but in a good way – S2E21

29F3F1AE-F885-4F53-BD06-95EBF05C0C04Join the Irreverends for a discussion about Pentecost, a super dramatic story (at least as it appears in the Book of Acts) with roaring wind and tongues of fire and disciples who can suddenly speak new languages back when Babbel was just a place and not an app . It’s a fascinating (and loud) story, and the day is considered the birthday of the church, which had Gini thinking about what kind of cake would go with the holiday. (And do I have a cake pan large enough to hold 2,000 candles?)

As usual, we explore what this might have to do with us today, and wonder what might inspire us to bold, courageous, prophetic action in our own time. And also as usual, we end our conversation, which ranges from cake, to BBQ, to fireflies and volcanoes, with blessings.

Here is the video Gini referred to as a glimpse back (from the future) at how humanity came out of the COVID pandemic set on fire with love. It’s the poem (told as a bedtime story) “The Great Realization” by Tomos Roberts. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and take 4 minutes to watch.

And here is an obvious soundtrack to this week’s episode – Fire, from the 1970’s band, Ohio Players. Or actually, anything from the amazing band, Earth, Wind, and Fire.

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