Hagar: The Bible’s First Shero – S2E23

SheroJoin Gini and Tim for a conversation about Hagar, the Bible’s first Shero! The Hebrew Bible story of Hagar, Abraham, and Sarah is an epic human tale of violence, heartache, jealousy, betrayal, and danger. Softening its rough edges, the story gets told as if it’s “Real Housewives of the Desert,” but the truth is harsh and painful, and innocent lives are at stake. Tragically, those with power and influence can’t seem to figure out how to share it. And yet, God is at work, responding to the cries of the vulnerable, and redeeming it all. Just as God is doing today and always. And you may do a double-take with this week’s Gospel, where it appears at first listen as if Jesus is advocating violence (“I have not come to bring peace, but a sword…”).  Actually, Jesus is letting us know that telling people something they absolutely do not want to hear (like they are neglecting the poor, or participating in systems that oppress people) ALWAYS brings out the haters. This episode feels pulled right out of our own times, and gives us some timeless truths and encouragement. Enjoy!

And here is the song that kept running through my head when Tim and I were talking about the Gospel. Shake it Off! by Taylor Swift.

As always, the readings may be found at lectionarypage.net

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