Struggling with a Biblical Horror Story: S2E24

C9F72DFF-939D-492B-B7BA-6C77716AF951_4_5005_cWhile Tim is busy moving to Rhode Island, Gini welcomes the Irreverends’ favorite guest-host, The Rev. Canon Becky Zartman, for this deep dive into one of the Bible’s most horrific stories – the command by God for Abraham to kill his son Isaac. Gini and Becky bring it ALL – including their roles as moms – into their struggle with this truly horrifying story. Like Isaac’s son, Jacob, they wrestle with this story until it gives them a blessing – a bit of hope and some truly Good News. We thought this story was such an important one that we decided to dedicate the entire episode to it! (Not only that, but it’s one of the stories that is such a stumbling block that unless we dig into it deeply and seriously, we don’t do anyone any favors! We hope you get a lot from this episode. We sure got a lot from our conversation!

And even though we didn’t mention it in the episode, The Rev. Canon Zartman, who was a chaplain at Georgetown University until she moved to Texas, has a new book out. It’s called Belovedness: Finding God and Self on Campus, and it would make a perfect gift for your high school graduate or college student!

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