Irreverends’ unplanned mid-summer break is almost over!

thumb_Podcast in session_1024.jpgTim and Gini, like so many of us, have had a complicated summer. Tim was called to be Rector of Trinity Church in Newport, RI, which required a move from Phoenix, and then all the joyful, chaotic jumble of a new job in a new city. We were all set to record this week, but alas, though Tim and his wife have made tremendous progress unpacking, Tim has yet to find his podcasting equipment. (Pray for them; moving is so awful!)

For her part, on June 29, Gini testified before a House Oversight subcommittee (which took an enormous amount of time and a whole Zoom screen full of lawyers). A week later, she had a death in the family, and, well, you probably know what that’s like. 

But this podcast brings us great joy, and we will be back with you – energized and ready for a new season – in two weeks. We’ll record a new episode the first week of August, which we will release on August 6-7 (haven’t decided yet on a new schedule – whether we’ll do a Thursday or Friday release). And then you’ll hear from us again every week!

Every blessing, and we’ll see you soon!

Gini & Tim

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