Walking on water and losing it – S2E26

Peter walks on water memeThe Irreverends are BACK from a little break while Tim moved across the country and Gini, well, did other stuff. Join us this week for two GREAT stories! The Dysfunctional Family Theater’s presentation of “Joseph’s Brothers Sell Him Into Slavery” and, from the Gospel of Matthew, “Peter walks on water and loses it completely!” Gini and Tim have a great conversation about these stories, what they might mean to us now, and Gini slips and introduces a truly hideous idea for food – the fishloaf.

The picture in today’s meme is from the amazing Brick Bible, because they couldn’t call it the LEGO Bible. #Missedmarketingopportunity. We only wish we were that gifted in LEGO-craft to create it! (Though Gini DOES have enough LEGO’s in her office!)

We hope you enjoy this new episode – and we’ll be back again next week!

As always, the readings may be found at lectionarypage.net

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