Forgiveness & Redemption – Then & Now – S2E27

Join Gini & Tim for this week’s episode that starts with one of the most MOVING scenes of love, forgiveness and redemption in the whole Bible. Seriously, go read the story of Joseph and his brothers. You’ll find it in Genesis, Chapters 37, and then 39-45. OR, you can read this handy summary. I’ll wait here.

This week’s episode of the story from the Hebrew Scripture begins when Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers (you know, the same ones who wanted to kill him, but then sold him into slavery as Plan B). Get a tissue; it’s THAT moving. And lest you think that it’s this beautiful only because of the dramatic plot twists, wait until you realize that this is the way that God loves us! Now THAT’S GOOD NEWS! Which brings us to the Gospel – the Canaanite woman whom Jesus calls a “dog.” Tim and Gini argue over the intent of this one, but the message is clear: every single one of us is loved and healed and forgiven by God, regardless of race, religion, gender, or nationality. Now isn’t that a lesson we need to hear right about now? We don’t make this stuff up! It’s right here – in the Bible!

And, no it’s not your eyes – I DID originally mistype “Re-united” in the meme. And since we’re talking outtakes, listen all the way to the end for my mea-culpa about the Simpson’s last week!

We hope you enjoy this episode – and we’ll see you next week with more amazing, good news!

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