The Irreverends Episode 100 – We’re ALL a Little Rusty!

Although they’re (more than) a little rusty, Gini & Tim are thrilled to be back with a new Irreverends Episode! We numbered our episodes funny, and didn’t number some of the special theme-Sunday ones, but Gini counted and this one is our 100th official episode! Forget the part of their discussion when they consider calling this the beginning of “Series 2”! This is Officially Episode 100, and now that we know that, we should have cake to celebrate!

So even though they’re a little rusty, Tim & Gini have a lively conversation about WD-40 vs. 3-in-One Oil even before they get to Leviticus and God’s identification with love, not judgment. By the time we get to Jesus confounding the lawyers again, we’ve heard about M & M’s and geodes. Tim has a very beautiful blessing today, so be sure you listen all the way to the end.

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Here is a link to the readings for this Sunday, which you can find on the Lectionary Page.Net (And notwithstanding the hilarious plug, Tim is not a Lectionary Page social media influencer!)

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