Episode 103 – Once Upon a Time, Long Before Crypto, There was a Guy

Join Gini & Tim for another exciting episode of Gini Gets Mad Because Someone is Treated Poorly! The Irreverends! This week’s episode features an ancient screed Oracle from Zephaniah to God’s people who had become rich and complacent, like many of us modern people. It’s a doozy. And the Gospel lesson is an old favorite – the servant who buries money in the ground and gets in big trouble for it. There is a lot to think about this week, including a deep conversation about whether the God of the Old Testament is harsh, or if these scary texts are there because humans are just very difficult to deal with. If you listen to the end, you’ll hear Gini and Tim fess up to times they were particularly difficult to deal with. We think you’ll enjoy it (except for our siblings, who may still be a little angry…)

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