The First Week in Advent

Welcome to the First Week of Advent!

Sunday, December 3rd – Weekly Devotion & Coloring Page

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Monday, December 4th

Make an Advent Wreathclick here for a great DIY paper one. Each night, light one candle (unless you’ve made the paper one!) as you gather for dinner every night. You could use your own prayers, the Prayers/Collects from the Book of Common Prayer, or something like this formula every night: First, everyone says something for which they are grateful. Then, everyone says something they hope for someone else.

Tuesday, December 5th


Do some Advent/Christmas planning! Have your child/children/grandchildren make a list of ways they can help you prepare for Christmas. Make a plan for decorating the house, shopping for gifts and sending Christmas cards to friends and family.


Wednesday, December 6: St. Nicholas Day

st-nicholas-day1Perform a Random Act of Kindness! Celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas by doing something nice and unexpected for someone. Bring something festive (cookies, fruit, a Christmas card, handmade decoration, or other treats) to a teacher, neighbor or a nearby police or fire station. Take the opportunity to talk to your children about different ways to show kindness without spending money (i.e. listening to a friend, playing with the new student at school or saying thank you to their teacher after class). You can learn more about the real St. Nicholas by clicking here.

Thursday, December 7

Create an ornament shaped like a heart. Use pipe cleaners, beads, buttons, wire, string or any craft supplies you have at home. While you and your child/children create the ornament, talk about how we prepare our hearts for the Christmas season.

Friday, December 8


Have a Hot Cocoa or Ice Cream Sundae night and talk about what the Christmas season means to your family. Discuss the traditions you plan to follow and why they are important to your family.


Saturday, December 9


Take a drive or walk through the neighborhood to see how other families are preparing for Christmas. Talk about all the ways you can prepare your home and heart for the Christmas season.