Christmas Pageant Details

Is there anything more magical than a Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve?

It is a wonderful opportunity for kids (of all ages) to dress up and participate in the greatest story the world has ever known… and they will remember it forever!

If you have children – your own, your neighbors, nieces and nephews, grandchildren – who would like to be in the pageant, the answer is YES!! And if you know a little person who wants to be in the pageant but only if he/she can be Spiderman, a giraffe, a firetruck, a Gryffindor, or Anna from Frozen, the answer is YES!!  All (and we mean ALL) are welcome at the stable!

Please be in our parish hall on Christmas Eve at 3:30. We will have costumes set out for angels, shepherds, and stable animals. We will also have some simple snacks to tide little ones over until later!

If you have a particular costume your child loves and would like to wear, please bring it! And if you prefer to get something ready at home, bathrobes are PERFECT for shepherds (or a pillow case with an opening in the short seam for head, and slit down the side and tied at the waist with rope) and a nightgown or princess costume is terrific for angels!  (We have angel wings and halos, and I know some angels are known to wear tiaras!). The important part is that EVERY CHILD is welcome to be in the pageant, and the more, the merrier!download-1

We will help organize the kids right before the service, but we can always use a few grown-up (or semi-grown up?) helpers for kid-wrangling. If you’d like to help with wrangling, it’s a lot of fun!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions:

The service starts at 4:00pm, and it will be joy-filled and more full than many of us are used to since Covid started. We also understand how hard it is for excited kids to be at church on Christmas Eve, so we’ll have gift bags – with activities and little treats – to keep little folks busy after the pageant! The bags will be in the Narthex (the little lobby inside the big double doors to the church), marked and divided up by age.

I can’t wait until Christmas Eve, and I look forward to one of the most magical services of the year!


Every blessing,