Christmas Pageant Details

Is there anything more magical than a Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve?

It is a wonderful opportunity for kids (of all ages) to dress up and participate in the greatest story the world has everknown… and they will remember it forever!

If you have children – your own, your neighbors, nieces and nephews, grandchildren – who would like to be in the pageant, the answer is YES!! And if you know a little person who wants to be in the pageant but only if he/she can be Spiderman, or a giraffe, or a Gryffindor, or Anna from Frozen, the answer is YES!!  All are welcome at the stable!

Please be in Blake Hall on Christmas Eve between 3:15 an 3:30. We will have snacks and costumes set out for angels, shepherds, and stable animals (anyone in a costume, really). If you have a particular costume your child loves and would like to wear, please bring it! And if you prefer to get something ready at home, bathrobes are PERFECT for shepherds (or a pillow case with an opening in the short seam for head, and slit down the side and tied at the waist with rope) and a nightgown or princess costume is terrific for angels!  (We have angel wings and halos, and I know some angels are known to wear tiaras!). The important part is that EVERY CHILD is welcome to be in the pageant, and the more, the merrier!

I will help organize the kids right before the service, but I could still use a few grown-up (or semi-grown up?) helpers for kid-wrangling. If you’d like to help with wrangling, it’s a lot of fun!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions:

The service starts at 4:00pm, and it will be joy-filled and packed!  And we understand how hard it is for excited kids to be at church on Christmas Eve, so we’ll have gift bags – with activities and little treats – to keep little folks busy after the pageant! The bags will be in the Narthex, marked and divided up by age.

I can’t wait until Christmas Eve, and I look forward to one of the most magical services of the year!


Every blessing,