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America’s Civic Religion Adult Faith Forum Series

May 21st at 10:00 & May 28th at 11:00


Join us for an important discussion as we explore America’s Civic Religion. Designed and led by two of our most distinguished parishioners with decades of experience in the foreign service, academia, and public service, this series will focus on the role of religion in public life, the religious background and significance of national holidays, the role of religion in politics from the early days of the Republic to the modern area, and the general debate concerning secularism vs. religiosity in America. We encourage you to attend this important and timely Adult Faith Forum series! Click here for more information.

 Lego My Bible

Sunday, May 21st at 10:00

Summer is Coming! And it’s going to be cool…

Starting on Sunday, May 28th, St. John’s has ONE service at 10:00 am!

Then join us after the service for lemonade, popsicles, and coffee hour out on the lawn!

Looking for something to do as a family? How about a Garden Blessing?

Click the link below to download a simple blessing to do with family and friends!

Prayers for a garden