Ways To Support God’s Mission at St. John’s 

In these secular, stress-filled, times the clergy and vestry of St. John’s asks you to consider, what does St. John’s offer that the rest of the world does not? We believe that St. John’s – and the Episcopal Church as a whole – has something to offer the world that is priceless beyond measure. This little corner of O and Potomac Streets is one place in this modern, secular world where you can encounter God through the experience of faith-filled service, sacred silence, holiness, and beauty. These are the things that feed our souls and help us find meaning, rootedness, and connection in a world that offers shallow and temporary alternatives to those eternal things.

Giving has many faces at St. John’s. It is the tireless work of the property committee; it is the meticulous oversight of finances by our treasurer; it is the talents of Sunday School teachers; it is the devotion shown by those who plan our spring House Tour, those who volunteer for our outreach efforts in the community, those who attend to our altar each Sunday. It is the  way we demonstrate our care for each other in our parish and beyond.  These gifts are, truly, among our greatest treasures.  But it also takes money to accomplish the mission of the parish. Will you consider a generous financial gift to invest in God’s work with us here at St. John’s?

Historically, the Church has asked its members and friends to support its ministries. But we are asking you, instead, to invest in St. John’s as a force for hope, love, and healing in our neighborhood and in the world. We are asking you to imagine what we could do if we were stronger, if our impact could be larger. We are asking you to take a leap of faith with us, and to invest in God’s dream for us here at St. John’s!

If you would like to make a monetary gift to St. John’s, you can click on the button below. You can email our accountant ( to make it recurrent. Or you can email our parish administrator Kurt Ellison at to receive a pledge form.

Contribute with a Click!

You may directly submit an online gift by pressing the button below and filling out the appropriate information through our secure online service.


Use Amazon Smile!

Did you know you can give just by shopping?  Select St. John’s in Amazon Smile and .5% of every eligible purchase will be donated to our Ministries by Amazon.  It’s an easy way to give via a service you are probably already using.  Click the link below to assign St. John’s as your Amazon Smile recipient today!