Jazz Service and Annual Meeting Lunch

Join us on March 3rd for a Jazz Service at 10:00

followed by our Annual Meeting and Lunch

All are welcome to a fantastic Jazz Service at 10:00 with the Peter and Will Anderson Trio! The service will SWING, and then you can join us for our Annual Meeting luncheon afterward in Blake Hall. You will want to be EARLY for this service so you can hear the amazing Prelude. You won’t want to miss this!


What is a Jazz Mass? It is the liturgy of the worship service framed in a jazz setting with vocal interpretation of the traditional text and improvisational expression of the reverent mood.

Jazz is an American creation that is rooted in the soul-stirring tradition of the spirituals and congregational singing of the Black Church. Jazz grew up in the secular world of bars and taverns and lived its adolescence in concert halls and on stages. The adult years of jazz saw its return to the church and spiritual traditions with Duke Ellington and John Coltrane. Duke Ellington’s sacred concerts were a re-integration of jazz music back into the church. Coltrane’s explorations were a global expression of spiritual yearning and mysticism.

Peter and Will Anderson, twins who were baptized at St. John’s as babies, were with us this past summer for a Jazz Mass that was absolutely amazing. Join us and you’ll see why we brought them back!