Second Week in Advent

Welcome to the Second Week in Advent!

Sunday, December 10:  Weekly Devotion & Coloring Page 

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Monday, December 11

UnknownResearch a local charity with your child/children. Over the week, prepare a donation for a local charity that helps others in your neighborhood. Talk to your child/children about what type of donation they want to make and why it is important to help others.


Tuesday, December 12

Decorate a box or paper bags for your donation. You can use a Christmas theme or any theme you choose.

Wednesday, December 13

Collect items for your donation. Ask your neighbors or friends if they would like to help too. Put out your donation box on your porch!

Thursday, December 14

Keep collecting items for your donation.

Friday, December 15

Finish collecting items for your donation. You can say a blessing over your items so that the people who receive them know that others care about them!

Saturday, December 16


Take your donation to the local charity. Talk about how your child’s/children’s donation will make a difference in someone’s life.