Sunday Services


Children are always welcome in church, and we also have friendly childcare from 8:30-12:00 in our beautiful atrium.  


9am – A Relaxed but Traditional Service

Our 9am service is family-friendly but child-care is also available. At St. John’s, children are made to feel comfortable and welcome in church! Two of our priests are parents too (and get it!)!

The 9am Sunday service is traditional, but our famous choir takes a break. We still have beautiful music but it is easier to sing. And we gather around the low table for the Eucharist as a parish family.

11am – A Traditional Service With Choir

If you prefer a more formal Eucharist with beautiful choral music, Our 11am service is your jam!

At this service you will hear all lectionary readings, with excellent preaching.  The high altar is used for the Eucharist.  And our famous choir provides beautiful, traditional, anthems and hymns to assist the rich depth of the service.

In either case, we delight in our deep Anglican roots, with a broad liturgical style.  Whether you’re visiting or have been coming to St. John’s since Francis Scott Key was on the vestry, you are welcome at St. John’s!

Most people new to the Episcopal church are surprised by how much we read from the Bible. Every Sunday you will hear three Scripture readings and a Psalm. Our sermons aim to explain the Bible text, and connect it with the struggles of our modern lives and current events in our world. Following an ancient pattern,  our service builds to the service of Holy Communion.  We welcome all to join us in this great feast and mystery of our faith.  At least once during the summer we have an Instructed Eucharist, where we teach about what we’re doing in the liturgy and why! Join us!

Variations on our Typical Sunday…

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We want to nourish and grow the hearts and souls of all those who come to us, so we work hard to find creative ways to worship. Twice a year – in the winter and in the summer – we have a theme Sunday. This past February we had Harry Potter Sunday, with music from the Hogwarts choir, sermons about the power of discovering your gifts and how the power of love and light can overcome the powers of Darkness. Even our coffee hour featured chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, butter beer, trivia prizes and a photo booth! Click here to watch our video invitation! Last summer, we wore capes and costumes and talked about our super powers on Super Hero Sunday. Our first theme day was on an appropriately cold February day in 2015, when we had Frozen Sunday. It was so much fun, that we followed up last winter with Star Wars. These days aren’t JUST fun (for kids of all ages). They employ an ancient technique to use modern stories and myths to help teach the stories of God. And on the third Sunday of every month, it’s LEGO my Bible, as kids of all ages listen to a Bible story and respond with LEGOs (and DUPLOs!) after service!