The Irreverends

The Irreverends is a weekly podcast by our Rector, Gini Gerbasi, and the Rev. Tim Watt.  We explore upcoming readings for Sunday along with a spiritual exercise and a dash of snark!  The Irreverends take God seriously, but not ourselves!

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Walking on Water and Losing It – S2E26



Young Adults & Infants – 2 Mom-Priests Weigh In – S2E25



Struggling with a Biblical Horror Story – S2E24

Hagar, the Bible’s first Shero – S2E23


Jesus Loves All Y’All – S2E22


The Disciples Were Lit, in a Good Way – S2E21


Ascension – CoronaTide Edition – S2E20



Sometimes Abiding Is Bananas – S2E19


Cloaks & Daggers … er, Stones – S2E18

We Could Really Use a Good Shepherd Right About Now – S2E17

Good Friday Feels too Real Right Now – S2E16



Palm Sunday in the Days of COVID-19 – S2E15

These Bones are Made for Walkin’ – S2E14



Seeing With our Hearts – S2E13



This Episode Will Make You Thirsty – S2E12

Jesus and the Mysterious Night Visitor – S2E11

And So Lent Begins – S2E10

Plucking Eyeballs Like a Banjo – S2E9


Sesame Street = The Kingdom of God!



Let’s Get Salty! S2E8

This Might Sting a Little… S2E7

Too Small a Thing – S2E6

My son this is. Well pleased am I. S2E5


Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?


S2E4 – God’s Messengers Don’t Come with Snooze Buttons


S2,Ep3 – Wilderness Restored – With Caramel Sauce!

S2,Ep2 – Asp Holes are Still Dangerous



Season 2, Episode 1 – Reading and Waiting


Irreverends REBOOT – Better than Black Friday!


Episode 68: Gotta Serve Somebody



Episode 67: Tabitha, Axe Body Spray, and other Miscellany


Episode 66: Maundy Thursday, Explained.

How to Gird Up Your Loins (First, put down your sword.)


Episode 65: Palm Sunday’s Whiplash of Emotions



Episode 64: What happened to all the nard?

Episode 63: He Ain’t Heavy…


Episode 62: Filet-O-Fish: It’s What’s for Dinner!

Episode 61: Moses Grows Some (Horns)


Episode 60: Joseph & the coat with very long sleeves…


Lion King Episode (#59 if you’re counting)


Episode 58: Fishing for People?


Episode 57: Jesus & the Spoiler Alert



Episode 56: I thought YOU ordered the wine!


Episode 55: The Christmas Episode!

Episode 54: Who are you calling meek & mild?

Episode 53: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Gaudete Sunday…” (said no one ever)


Episode 52: Before Tide Pods were a thing


Episode 51: Advent Mini Episode

Irreverends 51 Meme

Episode 50: Things are not always what they seem…

Episode 49: Generosity v. Survival: Canned Corn & Pascal’s Wager

Episode 48: Jesus Pops the Question

The Irreverends Episode 47: Jesus runs the numbers

The Irreverends Episode 46: I pronounce you… colleagues?

Episode 45: Esther, truth-telling, and #MeToo

(this episode was recorded on September 26th, but it took a LONG time to edit and post. We apologize for the delay!)

The Irreverends Episode 44: It’s not Child’s Play

The Irreverends Episode 43: Get Behind Me Satan!

The Irreverends Episode 42: Fear, Freedom, and a Feisty Female

The Irreverends Episode 41: Holiness Is About Hearts, Not Dirty Hands

Episode 40: These are NOT the gods you are looking for…

Episode 39: Jesus is the Bread of Life. But not toast. That’s not real.

Episode 38: Jesus’ Multiplication “Tables”

Episode 37: Jesus Goes Viral

Episode 36: Sound of Music Sunday!


Episode 35: What the Heck is a Dresser of Sycamores Anyway?

Episode 34: That Kid from Shop Class Did WHAT??

Are you telling me

Episode 33: Death’s Gonna Hate, But Jesus Is Gonna Raise Up Love

Episode 32: God Shows Up, So Be Careful What You Wish For

Episode 31: God’s Kingdom: seedy, but not that kind of seedy.

wonder woman mustard seed

Episode 30: The Garden of Eden: It’s Not what you Think!

Episode 29: Check Your Pharisaicism!

Episode 28: Trinity Sunday!

Episode 27: PENTECOST!

Episode 26: Jesus Leaves His Sandals Behind

Episode 25: The Church Abides

Episode 24: Make America Grapes Again


Episode 22: Jesus Probably Digs Fish Tacos

Episode 21: Doubting Thomas Finally Gets His Due!

Episode 20: Easter!! (That’s it. That’s the whole title. We DID give it two exclamation points.)

Episode 19: What’s Good About Good Friday?

Episode 18: Palm Sunday, or the Kingly Rodeo Ride of Jesus

Sunday, March 18: Fifth Sunday OF Lent (see what I did there, Tim?). In which Gini and Tim have colds and aren’t in the same place at the same time to record a Podcast. Nothing to see here folks. We’re sorry.

The Irreverends Episode 17: Snake On A Stick

The Irreverends Episode 16: Getting Down and Dirty With The Decalogue

The Irreverends Episode 15: Of Covenants (again), Rebukes, and Fear

The Irreverends Episode 14: Of Covenants, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Wilderness

The Irreverends Episode Lucky 13: “Chariots of Fire” would be a Super-good laundry bleach name

The Irreverends Episode 12: Special Moana Edition!

The Irreverends Episode 11: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Irreverends Episode 10: The Fishnets of Sin City

The Irreverends Episode 9: So call me, maybe?

The Irreverends Episode 8: Forget the Camels, Lift Up Your Heads

Sunday December 17, 2017: The Rose Sunday of God’s Tender Vengeance

Sunday December 10, 2017: A Wild Guy in the Wilderness

Sunday December 3, 2017: Advent Begins

Sunday November 26, 2017: Christ the King, the Great Shepherd

Sunday November 19, 2017: Superwomen of the Bible and your Talents

Sunday November 12, 2017: Busting Modern Myths

Sunday November 5, 2017: All Saints Sunday