Children’s Ministry

st-johns-georgetown-signChildren aren’t just our future – they are people who matter now! And so they deserve interesting and inviting church services, and formation opportunities to help them understand and grow in their faith. We also want to help parents engage their children’s imagination in a life of faith and the love of God. Gospel means Good News, and in order to feel like Good News to kids (of all ages), a life of faith ought to be joyful, interesting, and helpful in their daily lives.

Sundays at St. John’s

During the summer, there are three main elements to Spiritual Formation for kids: Worship, Kids’ Coffee Hour, and Family Activities.

Worship (10:00 Service)Worship is a primary formation experience for everyone, including kids of all ages. Parents often worry about bringing their children into church, but we genuinely welcome children in the service, and encourage you to bring them whenever you’d like! We know they sometimes “make a joyful noise,” but that just makes church more like family! We have “Worship bags” for kids with crayons and books, which can help wiggy little ones stay busy. And they won’t want to miss our two “theme” Sundays each year – one in the winter (Harry Potter Sunday was February 5th) and one in the summer (which was Beauty and the Beast Sunday)! (Click here to see our video invitation!) Kids of all ages are encouraged to dress up and come prepared for a great time! And for those who prefer it, we have warm, friendly childcare in our beautiful atrium.


Every Sunday, we will be coloring posters from the gifted artists at Illustrated Children’s Ministry. The posters link with 12 Bible stories about compassion – loving the way God loves – which is something the world desperately needs. They also connect with activities we’ve made available for families to use at home. Everyone will enjoy coloring these gorgeous posters!


LEGO my Bible: Lego my Bible was created by Emily Slichter Given, when she was the Director of Children and Family Ministries at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Dallas, TX. She developed the curriculum and published it in a book, Building Faith, Brick by Brick: An Imaginative Way to Explore the Bible with Children. Basically, everyone gets a jar of random Legos (or Duplos for smaller hands!) Then we tell a Bible story, and invite everyone to respond with Legos. Then we talk a bit about what people have made. It is SO much fun! It is a great way to practice Bible Study and Theological Reflection at home. For once, we can give this advice for something so cool and fun – please DO try this at home!


Compassion-Families (dragged)

Family ActivitiesWe want help your family to explore and practice faith together. This helps children see that God is everywhere, everything is sacred, and every moment holds possibilities for resurrection and love. We have purchased a fantastic resource from Illustrated Children’s Ministry for you to download and use this summer at home or anywhere! It has story cards, ideas for family devotions, coloring pages, and more that explore 12 Bible stories on the theme of compassion. We will have the corresponding coloring posters at church every Sunday during Kids’ Coffee Hour. Email Gini to get it!

Contact Gini to receive access to the Illustrated Children’s Ministry family activity packet and more.