Episode 101: The Apocalypse – It’s Not Just For Zombies Anymore!

Join Gini & Tim for their 2023 Halloween/All Saints Day Episode! It’s Episode 101 for the Irreverends, and while they’re still a tad rusty (you should have heard how many times Gini said “so” before editing!), there is a lot in here about the Book of Revelation (spoiler alert! it is not a prediction of the end of the world!) and the gift of an apocalypse. It’s a great conversation touching on racism, war, and all kinds of things that matter SO much right now – and that’s even before they get to the Beatitudes, and blessing peacemakers! It’s 35 minutes of Tim & Gini talking about how these stories matter deeply for our lives today. Have a listen!

And here is the song Tim mentioned in our conversation. It’s “My Jesus” by Todd Agnew. And the Richard Rohr book Tim mentioned is pretty recent. It’s called, Jesus’ Alternative Plan: The Sermon on the Mount, and you can get it wherever you buy your books!

Here is a link to the readings for this Sunday.

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Thanks for listening!

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