Episode 102: How many bridesmaids were there supposed to be?

Join Tim & Gini for their recurrent argument about the parable of the bridesmaids. Spoiler alert: Gini cannot stand the parable, and Tim is totally down with it. Tim spends a good amount of time trying to out-maneuver his co-host and turn her into one of the wise bridesmaids. But Gini sides with the foolish, at least partly because she is the disorganized one most likely to run out of oil, batteries, gas… all the things. They also talk about water flowing down like righteousness, and have a great conversation about how these poetic, famous words from the prophet Amos – so powerful in the Civil Rights movement – would have sounded to people living in a desert community, and what they can mean to us today.

Here are the readings from today. And for those who didn’t catch our reference up near the top of the episode, here is a link to the most-of-these-things-aren’t-actually-ironic-which-may-itself-be-ironic song we mentioned. (Isn’t it Ironic, by Alanis Morissette).

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